“Philanthropy as Social Investment” – conference at the Institute for Law and Philanthropy

We were happy to participate at the at TAU (ILP).
According to Dafna Meitar Nechmad founder of ILP and a member of Committed to Give “We can do Philanthropy alone, however it is much more effective to do it together”. Noam Lautman, a member of Committed to Give added that partnerships help to make the whole greater than its parts and enable leveraging of social investments 20 times a single philanthropic foundation.
The conference presented trends, aspects and recent studies on social giving today while observing Israeli philanthropy. Including the necessity of establishing a database of Israeli philanthropy and regulatory aspects such as tax policy for social investment.

“A billion Chinese are not wrong “, Israel-China relations, chance or mistake?

A joint members event for JFN Israel and Committed to Give – two fascinating presentations: Adam Roiter PhD, founder and owner of Financial Immunities Ltd. and Eyal Levinter, Chief Editor, Epoch Times Israel about the Israel- Chins business relations and where does it meet each and every one of us.


Stormy weather outside – warm inside: In a wintry moving morning, we gathered together, the members of Committed to Give and the members of Epoch Times Israel community in an event titled “Think Change” to discuss private giving and social doing, making a difference and creating change in Israeli society

Eilon Tirosh receiving the 2014 Midot Award for Effective Social Investor

Our congratulations to Eilon Tirosh, a member of Committed to Give for receiving the  2014 Midot Award for Effective Social Investor. According to the committee headed by former Chief Supreme Court Justice Meir Shamgar, Eilon received the award for his success in promoting significant change in Israeli society by narrowing social gaps, fostering equal opportunities and excellence, and for being an inspiring role model of leadership and social responsibility for the character and future of Israeli society.

Raia Strauss Ben Dror and Avi Naor at “Think for a Change”, an event organized by Epoch Times Israel magazine

Raia Strauss Ben Dror and Avi Naor, members of Committed to Give, were invited to speak at “Think for a Change”, an event organized by Epoch Times Israel magazine. It was a captivating evening, during which speakers from different fields shared with the audience defining moments in their lives, which lead to change. Raya and Avi spoke about their definition of giving and social activism that generates change, and how those have affected their lives.

Rothschild Ambassadors organization – final event

The Rothschild Ambassadors organization focuses on developing students’ personal and social excellence, in order to help them fulfill their personal, academic and professional potential, while maintaining their commitment and professional social activism. We were delighted to take part in their major final event which took place on June 16th in Or Akiva. About 400 ambassadors attended this emotive event, which included a review of the past year and meetings with representatives of many non-profits. Our Committed to Give representatives in the event had the opportunity to speak with the ambassadors about Israeli philanthropy and private giving. Shuki Erlich, chairman, presented data about Israeli philanthropy, and later sat in a panel with Noam Lautman, and Eilon Tirosh. We were pleased to see the audience’s interest in the issue and answer the excellent questions asked by the Ambassadors.

Worth more than money – Amuta21C

At the Amuta21C conference held on the 24th of June 2014, targeting managers of the third sector of the economy and society – two panels were staged exploring the complex relationships between charities and donors. Continue Reading

Channel2 News Weekend Magazine

February 2014 – Stills from production of Interview for Israel’s Channel2 News Weekend Magazine

DC Finance Regional Meeting

October 2013 –

(From right to Left) Maya Lapid Edut, Ronny Douek, Yehudith Yovel Recanati, Shula Mozes

(Left to Right) Shula Mozes, Yehudith Yovel Recanati, Ronny Douek, Maya Lapid Edut

DC Finance Regional Meeting at Dan Caesarea