Israel Philanthropy Survey and Database

Israel’s first-ever philanthropy database covering information on philanthropic sources, scope of giving, and causes. 

Committed to Give initiated and then partnered with Yad Hanadiv to collaborate with Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) to conduct a survey on private philanthropy in Israel to create a bi-annual database to measure philanthropic giving and to monitor changes and trends in the field.  The CBS sampled NGOs regarding their sources of income from overseas and from Israeli sources.

According to the Survey, the total donations in 2011 to NGOs in Israel were NIS 16 billion, of which NIS 8 billion came from abroad and NIS 8 billion Continue Reading

JFNA Fundraising University meets with private Israeli Philanthropy

Sheatufim – The Israel Center for promoting Civil Society, hosted a delegation from the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) – including participants in the Fundraising University program. These delegates are senior professionals working for JFNA in fundraising and developing resources in the Jewish communities in North America. Continue Reading

Update on Philanthropy in Israel – Symposium at TAU

Roughly one hundred people – a diverse audience, with American students from Maryland University’s Social Leadership and Philanthropy program, Israeli students, Law School faculty members, representatives of the third sector, managers of infrastructure organizations and donors, took part in the conference held at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in the beginning of January. The event was designed to illustrate the current state of philanthropy in Israel and to evaluate the interface between law and philanthropy. Continue Reading

Shuky Erlich GA speech


Shalom, It feels good to be in a room full of people who all share one common goal – to give back to the Israeli society, to strengthen it and make it better.My name is Shuki Ehrlich and I’m a social investor. Some would call me a philanthropist, but the title really doesn’t matter. After 30 years of focusing on the Israeli hi-tech and start-up scene, I’ve decided to share my time between mentoring start-ups and becoming an active social investor, Continue Reading

Comprehensive Survey of Private Giving in Israel

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) creates a database of private philanthropic donations in Israel.

What are the true dimensions of private philanthropy in Israel? An initiative of Committed to Give, and jointly funded by the “Yad HaNadiv” foundation, the CBS undertook the creation of a special database – for the first time – mapping philanthropy in Israel.  Continue Reading

Leon Recanati: “In my parents’ home, I learned the importance of giving “


During a speech given by Leon Recanati at a U-Bank customer event in Tel Aviv, Leon spoke about the Committed to Give initiative and his family’s heritage – which lead to his philanthropic activities. “It’s not how much you have that influences your feelings on giving, but how you feel towards your fellow man, how caring. We are here tonight to enlighten on giving, so that we don’t lose these feelings among the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Continue Reading