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February 2014 – Stills from production of Interview for Israel’s Channel2 News Weekend Magazine

Itsik Danziger

איציק- תמונה

Itsik has over  35 years of experience in senior executive positions in the hi-tech industry and over 12 years of serving in boards of nonprofit organizations.
Between 1985 and 2007 he held several senior management positions in Comverse Technology Group. As Comverse Network Systems’ president, he led the company from its start up stage to becoming a world leader in its market, with annual revenues of over $ 1 billion. Later, he served as Converse Technology Group’s president and as chairman of its subsidiary Starhome.
Between 2009 and 2014 he served as the active chairman of Galil Software, a Nazareth-based software company that was established in order to offer employment opportunities for engineers living in the periphery, mostly from minorities sectors. The company currently employs about 150 software engineers. Itsik sits today on the boards of several hi-tech companies.
In the public and third sectors, Itsik has served as a board member of the Israel Venture Network (IVN) since 2002 and as the chairman of its investments committee, which focuses on the establishment and the fostering of social businesses in Israel (the fourth sector). Since 2014, Itsik serves as chairman of the Center for Educational Technology (CET), a non-profit dedicated to promoting education in Israel by integrating pedagogy, content and technology. He also sits on the board of the New Israel Fund (NIF) and serves as its vice president. He is also a board member at Avnei Rosha, the Israeli Institute for School Leadership – a joint initiative by the government and the third sector, which he helped establish. In 2004-2005 Itsik was part of the National Task Force for the Advancement of Education in Israel (the Dovrat Committee).  In addition, he is a member of the “Committed to Give” initiative.
Itsik holds a BCs Cum Laude and an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, and an MA Cum Laude in Philosophy and Digital Culture from Tel Aviv University.

Haim DahanRonny Douek


Ronny Douek

Ronny Douek

Ronny Douek, a businessman, devotes much of his time to social causes and philanthropy. Ronny is the founder and chairman of Sheatufim, established in 2006 together with the JFNA, the Rashi Foundation and the Gandyr Foundation and the also the founder and CEO of Zionism 2000, a grassroots movement that develops social responsibility among citizens and businesses in Israel.

In 1998, Ronny received the president’s citation for volunteerism for his contributions to the community, and in 2004 then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appointed him chairman of the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, a role he held for three years. Ronny has also served as co-chair of JFNA-Israel’s Advisory Committee and has been a board member of the Rashi Foundation for the past 10 years.

In 2006, during Israel’s sixtieth anniversary celebrations, Ronny was chosen to light a beacon at the national ceremony on Independence Day Eve for his contribution to children and youth in Israel.

Itsik Danziger | Shuki Ehrlich


Shuki Ehrlich

Shuki Ehrlich

Shuki Ehrlich is a veteran of the Software industry in Israel and now an active social investor, chairs Committed to Give, promoting Israeli philanthropy. A group of Israeli private donors formed to meet a shared challenge: to increase private giving among wealthy Israelis. The profile of the members of this group is of long-standing social investors. The initiative is a collaboration of Sheatufim and the Jewish Funders Network (JFN). 

Shuki is a member of the executive board of IVN – Israel Venture Network where he has led the education initiative in Sderot and now is part of the operating committee that leads the Social Venture program that brings the active involvement of veterans of the High Tech industry with the most promising social ventures in Israel.
Shuki is also a board member of Tzeva – Youth Building the Future, member of the steering committee of the center for Lay Leadership in Israel, which is part of JDC and other organizations.

Mr. Ehrlich was Managing Director at Giza Venture Capital for 10 years, and prior to that he was 15 years with Amdocs, where his last position was Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Ronny Douek | Amir Halevy

Amir Halevy

Amir Halevy

Amir is a Senior Partner at the law firm of GKH – Gross Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co.
Amir Halevy has extensive experience in the fields of Technology and Venture Capital representing numerous venture capital funds and Israeli start up enterprises, including several that have gone on to become publicly traded companies. He represents companies publicly traded both in Israel and the U.S. and has been involved in securities litigation matters in Israel. Amir has been instrumental in the adoption of legislation and regulations that affect investment in Israeli technology companies. Amir has counseled international investment banks in connection with their activities in the Israeli and international markets, as well as in connection with privatization of government companies in Israel.
Amir counsels family held enterprises with regard to the day to day running of their businesses and the transfer of control from one generation to the next. He also advises individuals of high net worth with regard to estate and trust planning. Since January 2006, Amir is a STEP qualified Trusts and Estate Practitioner (TEP).
Together with Gene Kleinhendler, Amir is co-author of “ISR International Securities Regulation, Israel Section,” published by Oceana Publications, Inc. He lectures on topics related to high tech and foreign public offerings at the MBA program of the Technion Industrial Engineering Department, on topics related to Family Businesses as part of the MBA program at the Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv University, and in the Executive Education program of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.
Amir has served as a Board Member on JFN- Jewish Funders Network since 2008. He is a member of the IVN – Israel Venture Network; He is one of the founders and a board member of “Verhadarta” – Council for Advancing Status of the Elderly.
He is a member of Commited to Give – The Intiative for Promoting Philanthropy in Israel and he is a member of Jdocu – Photographers Group who publish their documentary work on Jewish Culture worldwide, and sell it for philanthropy puproses.
Amir served on the board of directors and heads the Standards and Ethics Committee of IATI- Isarel Advanced Technology Industries until 2012.
According to “Chambers Global – the World’s Leading Lawyers 2008 Clients Guide, Amir Halevy garners respect as “a terrific technical lawyer who really knows his venture capital.” Elected three times as a member of the Israel Venture Association’s board of directors, he has played a key role in shaping the market. This firm’s “consistently superior” technology and venture team is praised as “certainly one of the best for large and complex matters.” Amir Halevy is known for his great relationships with international investment banks. A venture capital guru, he earns respect from peers as “a true professional who knows his stuff.”
During 2013, Amir has been recommending by Chambers Global as a counsel with “extensive background in M&A transactions and venture capital work in the hi-tech arena” and by City Wealth magazine as a leading lawyer in the Private Wealth practice. In addition, Amir has also been recommended by “Legal Experts EMEA 2012″ in the fields of Banking & Finance and Capital Markets.
Amir Halevy joined Gene Kleinhendler in 1986 with the formation of Kleinhendler and Halevy. He served as Managing Partner of GKH from January 2001 to March 2010.

Shuki Ehrlich | Meir Heth


Noam Lautman

Noam Lautman

Mr. Lautman is the General Manager of 2gether Capital Ltd, a consultancy and private investment company primarily in the high tech and health care industries. Mr. Lautman serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Browzwear Ltd and as a Director of Delta Galil Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: DELT).

Mr. Lautman is a co-founder of the Lautman Foundation. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Ma’ase, an organization that operates volunteer frameworks for young people in Israel, and a Board member of Kav Mashve, the Employers Coalition for Equality for Arab University Graduates.

Mr. Lautman is the Vice President of the New Israel Fund and a member of the Tel Hai Academic College Board of Governors. Mr. Lautman is a member of Committed To Give, the initiative for promoting Israeli private Philanthropy.

Mr. Lautman holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University and an M.B.A. from New York University.

Meir Heth | Yael Lipman


Yael Lipman

Yael Lipman

Over 30 year’s involvement in the Israeli High-Tech industry, mostly in senior IT management positions. Her last executive position was VP & CIO at Cellcom (Israel’s leading cellular operator).Today, she has an active role at both High Tech and Social entrepreneurships.

An active founder of Tovanot Behinuch (Educational insights) initiative, dedicated to the empowerment of public schools, in Israel’s social and geographical periphery. Tovanot is aiming to transform those schools and improve students’ prospects for success. Fidel (Alphabet in Amharic), Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Board Member of Tsofen (A Bridge between Arab Academics and the Hi-Tech Industry) and Committed To Give (the initiative for promoting Israeli Philanthropy).

Noam Lautman | Dfana Meitar Nechmad


Dafna Meitar Nechmad


I’m an Israeli, living in Tel Aviv, married with three daughters and a grandson.

Over the last twelve years I’m managing the Zvi & Ofra Family Fund which supports cultural and educational projects including the Israeli Opera, the Zvi Meitar center for advanced studies at the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty, the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary center, Agnon House and the Naggar school of Photography in Musrara, Jerusalem. I’ve chaired the Israeli Opera Friends’ Association for 7 years and today I’m a managing director at the Metropolitan opera in New York, a board member of JFN and a board member of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. My latest Philanthropic initiative which I’m very proud of is the new institute for Law and Philanthropy at the Tel Aviv University law faculty. I believe that this institute will contribute substantially to the development of Philanthropy in Israel .I also recently joined Committed to Give, promoting Israeli Philanthropy.

I’m also the president of the Meitar Collection Ltd, a private company that owns, preserves, catalogues, and lends more than 100,000 historic photographs taken in Israel since the 1940s. From 1989 to 2006, I was a partner at Meitar, Liquornik, Geva Leshem, Tal, the largest law firm in Israel, where I specialized in commercial, telecommunications and corporate law. I have a BA in political science, an LLB (Law) and an MA in political communications, all from the Tel Aviv University.

Yael Lipman | Merav Mendelbaum

Merav Mandelbaum

Merav Mandelbaum

“My goal is to make a difference around where I live, and help the weaker populations in Israel – the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and those continuously sick. I wish to change the society’s treatment of the elderly, and raise awareness to their existence and the need to assist them in the twilight of their lives.”

Merav Mandelbaum is a seventh generation Jerusalemite. Her father, Yehoshua Bitsur Z”l, was Maariv’s reporter to the Knesset, and her mother Zvia was a teacher and a director at the Ministry of Tourism. She studied at Gymnasia Rehavia and later served in the IDF in the Intelligence Corps.
Merav has lived in the past 38 years in Tel Aviv and is married to Shlomo Mandelbaum, a businessman. Merav and Shlomo have five children and another boarding graduate child, and eight grandchildren.
Merav holds a degree in Psychology from Bar Ilan University and an MBA specialized in organizational behavior from Tel Aviv University.
She is an organizational consultant who offers pro-bono consulting to non-profits.
In the past five years, Merav has served as the full time chair of Reuth on a voluntary basis, and she has been a member of its board of directors for the past 30 years.
Public and social activism:
• Founder of Nehemia Foundation (2000) and the Friendship Association for Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya, which provides support to boarding school graduates who lack family support.
• Chair of the board of Matash (Employment Rehabilitation Centers) at Tel Aviv municipality
• Chair of Daniel Foundation’s Zoharim – which operates the graduates’ program
• Member of the board – JDC
• Member of the board – “Beterem”
• Member of the board – National Council for Volunteering in Israel
• Member of the women’s philanthropic group “Arye Yehuda Israel”
• JDC – Candidate for the Eshel board of directors
• Member of “Committed to Give”

• Winner of the Volunteering Award – “Lions Israel” for 2014
• Winner of the Minister of Health’s shield for outstanding volunteers

Dafna Meitar Nechmad | Shula Mozes


Shula Mozes

Shula Mozes

To me, giving is a way of life. I believe a man is responsible for the society in which he lives. I’m grateful for the wealth I already have, and I want to use it to help those who help themselves.


Born in Romania, made Alyiah at age 13. Graduated Boyer Boarding School and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Hebrew University. In 2001, she founded “LaMerchav” program with the vision of promoting social change through an intensive and multi dimensional intervention in the lives of young adults who lack family support. Since then, she has funded the program together with her husband, Zeev, and is personally involved in its daily activities. She attends many forums dealing with young adults, and is a JFN member. In 2012 she won the Midot Effectiveness Award. She is married to Zeev, with whom she has four children and eight grandchildren.

Merav Mandelbaum | Avi Naor


Avi Naor

Avi Naor

In 2002 Avi Naor resigned from his post as president and CEO of Amdocs (a position he held since 1995) since then devoting most of his time to social and community activities.

Founder and chair of Or Yarok Association for safer driving in Israel and Ran Naor Foundation (road safety research). Also chair of Oran Foundation (Children and youth at risk) and Shahaf Foundation (supporting young communities in peripheral areas).
Board Member of the Israeli Democracy Institute, Hakol Hinuch (“Everything is Education”) to the advancement of better education in Israel, Jewish Funders Network and Committed To Give (the initiative for promoting Israeli Philanthropy).

Shula Mozes | Orni Petrushka


Orni Petrushka

Orni Petrushka

Orni Petruschka, a high-tech entrepreneur, was co-founder and CEO of successful Israeli startup companies in the field of telecom infrastructure. In 2006 he co-founded Pythagoras Solar, which makes special solar windows.

In his public and philanthropic activity, Orni addresses topics which will enable Israel to be a home for the Jewish people and a democracy. In that context, he has co-founded “the People’s Voice” and “Blue-White Future”, two public initiatives that act to bring about a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, he serves as co-Chairman on the international board of directors of the Abraham Fund Initiatives, which works to promote equality and co-existence between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. He is also acting to promote philanthropy in Israel by being the founder and Chairman of “Round-up Israel”, an initiative that enables routine micro-donations through rounding up of credit card transactions. He is a member of Committed To Give, the initiative for promoting Israeli private philanthropy.

Avi Naor | Irith Rappaport

Irith Rappaport

Irith Rappaport

Ms. Irith Rappaport was born in Israel, raised in Geneva, and graduated from New York University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Today, though her primary residence is in Tel Aviv, Ms. Rappaport travels extensively to the United States and Europe throughout the year.
As the Deputy Chairperson of the Rappaport Family Foundation, Ms. Rappaport has managed many projects on behalf of the Foundation, including: the construction of the Ruth Children Hospital at the Rambam Medical Campus in Haifa; the establishment of numerous family prize awards in the arts, sciences, and women of outstanding achievements; and the organization and supervision of special events.
Ms. Rappaport is the Vice Chairperson of the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation. She is a major supporter of the arts and education in Israel and internationally. She serves on the Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as well as on the Museum’s Board of Directors and is the President of the Israeli Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Board of the American Friends of the Museum. Further leadership commitments include: Board of Directors, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; Board of Governors and member of the Executive Board of Directors of  Shenkar Institute of Design and Technology; founding member of the Institute of Law and Philanthropy at Tel Aviv University; International and Israeli Board of Directors, Jewish Funder’s Network; Board of Directors and Chairperson of Biorap (the technological transfer commercial company of the Rappaport Institute of Biomedical Research); and Deputy Chairperson of the Rappaport Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Technion. More recently Ms. Rappaport has recently joined the International Directors’ Council of the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Opera. She is a founding member of the initiative “Committed to Give”, an organization which promotes Israeli Philanthropy (
As the current Vice President for Financial and Corporate Communication at Policy Ltd., Irith has over 25 years of experience in international business development, management, project start up, negotiations and operations, budget and financial controls, government and labor relations, investor relations and communications. Ms. Rappaport has set up service and business operations abroad (including management and training activities) on behalf of foreign investors, in cooperation with government enterprises and local institutions.
Also in her role since 1998 as the Vice President International Client Relations and Corporate Communication and Business Development with Policy Ltd., Irith has taken an active role in Business and Political Communication Management in the Tel Aviv and International Relations Division. She is responsible for Policy’s multi- national clients and their affiliated activities. In this role, Ms. Rappaport is primarily responsible for multinational clients in: the pharmaceutical and medical device industry; banking and finance sector; consumer and service companies; and the energy and industrial sector.  During her years as a strategic and crisis management consultant with Policy, Irith has accrued vast experience in international media relations.
Prior to joining Policy, Irith spent seven years in the CIS as Chief Operating Officer supervising projects in Moscow, St Petersburg, Uzbekistan and other republics, where she represented foreign investors for IVOG oil exploration and production in Georgia.
She also served as Vice President for Operations for the Inter Maritime Group in Geneva, Switzerland and later as the group’s Project Development Manager. In this capacity, she was responsible for sensitive business negotiations, management of investor interest in joint ventures with government agencies, and the establishment of overseas business operations.
Interview on I24news

Orni Petrushka | Leon Recanati


Leon Recanati

Leon Recanati

Leon is the Chairman and CEO of GlenRock Israel, a private equity firm making investments in Life Sciences and advanced technology opportunities. Until 2003, and prior to founding GlenRock, Leon served as Chairman & CEO of IDB Holding Corporation Ltd. one of the largest investments companies in Israel, Chairman of Clal Industries and Investments Ltd. and Chairman of Azorim Investment Development and Construction Ltd. Until 1997, Leon was Chairman of Delek Israel Fuel Corporation and Super-Sol (retail), in addition to several other positions in a variety of operating companies in Israel.

Leon has MBA, and B.A. in Economics from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He received Honorary Doctorate from the Technion -Israel Institute of Technology, Tel-Aviv University, The Israeli Industry Association Award, Honoree Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Tel-Aviv University, Honorary Haifa citizen nomination.

Leon’s philanthropic involvements reflect the core values of the Recanati family, whose history of giving started before their arrival in Palestine in 1935. Today, the Yahel foundation, established by the Recanati family, aims to narrow educational, welfare, health and cultural gaps in Israeli society.

Leon serves as chairman of the board:
MadaTech – Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space
Tapuah – The Israeli Society for the Advancement of the Information Age
Vice Chairman: Israel Cancer Association
Co-Chairman: Recanati-Chais-Rashi Award for the Entrepreneur Teacher
Board of Governors:
Tel-Aviv University and Recanati Business School
Hebrew University Jerusalem
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
IMPACT- American Scholarships Fund for IDF Soldiers
Beth Hatefutsot
The Jewish Agency For Israel
Member of the board :
Beth Avoth Leon Recanati (Home for the Aged),
Committed To Give, the initiative for promoting Israeli Philanthropy.

Irith Rappaport | Shira Ruderman


JFNA Fundraising University meets with private Israeli Philanthropy

Sheatufim – The Israel Center for promoting Civil Society, hosted a delegation from the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) – including participants in the Fundraising University program. These delegates are senior professionals working for JFNA in fundraising and developing resources in the Jewish communities in North America. Continue Reading

Shira Ruderman

Shira Ruderman

A mother of four, married to Jay Ruderman. Shira Ruderman is an Israeli philanthropist who serves as the executive director of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which she founded in the United States. The foundation focuses on two main areas: integration of people with disabilities in society and strengthening the connection between Israel and American Jews. Ruderman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has extensive experience in a variety of managerial positions, and currently serves as chair of “Keshet” – the home for special families, a board member in several international organizations and non-profits, including the Anti Defamation League (ADL), Or Movement, JDC and more.
In her work, Ruderman initiates, leads and promotes innovative social and public initiatives focused on integrating people with disabilities, promoting private philanthropy and strengthening Israel-US relations. She participates in conferences and international initiatives. Ruderman’s work is driven by her values and her professional and strategic worldview.

Leon Recanati |Raya Strauss


Raya Strauss

Raya Strauss Ben Dror

“Philanthropy and social activism are values upon which I was born and raised. As a child, I remember how my parents, who founded the Strauss Dairies, hosted weddings, Bar-Mitsvas and other events for their employees, made sure they had everything they needed, and contributed to the community in which they lived. I see myself following the path set by my parents, and the concept of giving is a fundamental value that gives satisfaction and meaning to my life.”

Raya was born in Neharia to Dr. Ricard and Hilda Strauss – the founders of the Strauss Food Concern. Together with her brother Michael, she led the company for many years, until her retirement in 2005. Today, as the co-President of the Strauss Investment Company together with Michael, she dedicates all her time to social activism in Israel. In recent years, her work focused on creating the conditions to improve the quality of life in the Western Galilee, while promoting and fostering the region’s unique assets. Those include the city of Akko, a UNESCO world heritage site; Keshet Eilon, which provides some of the best training classes to violinists; the Kibutz Contemporary Dance Company, considered one of the best dance companies in the world; the Ghetto Fighters House Museum, the first Holocaust museum in the world; the Western Galilee Hospital, including the establishment of the Medicine Department’s research labs, and more. Together with the Reut Institute, Raya also leads the Israel 15 Vision, which aims at creating a regional model that would help the State of Israel take a leap forward which will help secure its future.
Raya is also active in a variety of national social organizations focused on three main issues: 1. Providing opportunities for at-risk youth and young adults – through Bet HaShanti, Aharai, and Tseva (“Youth Building a Future”); 2. Activities to promote social responsibility and leadership in Israel – through initiatives such as the IDC’s Rabin Leadership Program, the Academy for Quality Government, Committed to Give and more. Raya was also a co-founder of Maala – Business Leadership for the Community; 3. Jewish Unity – Raya served for five years as a member of the Jewish Agency’s Board of Trustees and as global chair of the “Partnership2gether” program. Today, Raya partners with JFN, and she is a co-founder of the organization’s Israeli office.

Shira Ruderman | Eilon Tirosh