Striking the Balance


eJewishPhil (Custom)

By Shuki Erlich & Maya Edut Lapid

For many years Israel was rightly accused of receiving donations from abroad but not giving. This picture has changed drastically, especially in the last decade, and today philanthropy in Israel is beginning to thrive. Israeli donors are taking responsibility and becoming involved in promoting social change.

While American Jews and Israelis share the goal of strategic and effective giving that creates lasting and meaningful change, there are significant differences in the perspectives and characteristics of each culture, as well as in the practices that can enhance and advance philanthropy in Israel and the U.S. alike. Continue Reading

On Public Giving and Inspiring Lives of Volunteerism


eJewishPhil (Custom)

By Merav Mandelbaum

I still remember my first donation to a nonprofit organization.

I had been a volunteer at the Reuth Medical Center, the largest rehabilitation and chronic care facility in Tel Aviv, for ten years. Every week, I sat at the bedsides of numerous chronically ill patients, many of them Holocaust survivors, keeping them company and doing what I could to ease their pain. Continue Reading