Overcoming the Barriers for Israel Philanthropy

Private giving in Israel is still far from being a significant factor in social change. Still, things are rapidly changing and here are some recent stats that every organization should take notice of.

One of the major new directions in social funding is the formation of long-term partnerships between non-profits that aim to tackle a certain social issue and donors that seek to alleviate problems.

Historically, here in Israel we construct such partnerships, with Jews all over the world. When thinking of big foundations, the U.S. and Europe immediately spring to mind, and touring the Jewish diaspora in order to fundraise among wealthy Jews is common practice. Virtually every organization in Israel has learnt to understand the wishes and the approach of their overseas partners and throughout the years, this has set in motion significant changes in Israeli society.

However, the Jewish world is changing and does not quite see Israel as its poor relation in need of help, the way it used to. They invest more money in strengthening their local communities and eventually less money is being allocated to projects in Israel.

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