Eilon Tirosh receiving the 2014 Midot Award for Effective Social Investor

Our congratulations to Eilon Tirosh, a member of Committed to Give for receiving the  2014 Midot Award for Effective Social Investor. According to the committee headed by former Chief Supreme Court Justice Meir Shamgar, Eilon received the award for his success in promoting significant change in Israeli society by narrowing social gaps, fostering equal opportunities and excellence, and for being an inspiring role model of leadership and social responsibility for the character and future of Israeli society.

Raia Strauss Ben Dror and Avi Naor at “Think for a Change”, an event organized by Epoch Times Israel magazine

Raia Strauss Ben Dror and Avi Naor, members of Committed to Give, were invited to speak at “Think for a Change”, an event organized by Epoch Times Israel magazine. It was a captivating evening, during which speakers from different fields shared with the audience defining moments in their lives, which lead to change. Raya and Avi spoke about their definition of giving and social activism that generates change, and how those have affected their lives.

(Please) Keep Giving – Shuki Erlich

By Shuki Erlich, Chairmain of “Committed to Give” initiative for the promotion of philanthropy in Israel

In the days following the latest Israeli elections, we witnessed a troubling, repulsive and shocking call all over social media – “to stop giving”. This campaign called upon “those who have”, including donors and social investors, to halt their support of those living in Israel’s periphery because of their vote for right wing parties, and particularly for serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It must be noted that this campaign followed another massive non-political campaign which took place prior to the elections and called upon all Israeli citizens to come out and vote “in order to have a say”. Continue Reading