Haim Dahan


Dr. Haim Emil Dahan is the founder and President of Ofanim and a board member of Friends of Ofanim. Ofanim is one of the few organizations which work to minimize the gaps in education through enrichment, exposure and experiential activities for the children residing in small, weak and peripheral communities. Ofanim brings approved supplemental education directly to children of the periphery of Israel where schools are limited and outside educational opportunities do not exist. By outfitting buses with state-of-the-art facilities that travel to them, Ofanim literally brings educational opportunities to this kids’ backyard. Ofanim believes each child has the ability to succeed regardless of where they are from or their socioeconomic level. Ofanim acts as a motivator, using its mobile classrooms and other enrichment activities to expose children to new experiences that empower them to make full use of their capabilities. Friends of Ofanim was founded in 2006 to support Ofanim in Israel by increasing awareness of the organization in the U.S., bringing Americans to Israel to see Ofanim at work, and raising funds for Ofanim. Ofanim is a social start-up that represents a model of a real and unique partnership between Israel’s business sector and the American friends of Ofanim in the USA.

Dr. Dahan, an entrepreneur lived in the US for 14 years during which he founded and served as Chairman and CEO of International Computex, Inc. (ICI), a software company that went public on the NASDAQ in 1999, and was later sold to Information Handling Services, Inc. In 2000, Dr. Dahan returned to Israel founded and serves as the CEO of ASYD Investments Ltd, IHD Investments Inc., and Kaizen Bio-Tech (2011), Ltd. In addition to his philanthropic work at Ofanim, Dr. Dahan served as the Chairman of the Board of the Yemin Orde Initiatives until 2010 and as member of the Board of the Koret Foundation in Israel until 2013. Dr. Dahan serves as active board member of several private technology companies and non-profit organizations.


  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering – Tel-Aviv University [10-12]
  • Graduate Management Classes – Georgia State University [89 – 94]
  • Msc – Ben-Gurion University [88]
  • Bsc – Ben-Gurion University [85]


Itsik Danziger 

Stormy weather outside – warm inside: In a wintry moving morning, we gathered together, the members of Committed to Give and the members of Epoch Times Israel community in an event titled “Think Change” to discuss private giving and social doing, making a difference and creating change in Israeli society

Philanthropy in Israel – 2015, By Avi Naor

eJewishPhil (Custom)

The announcement by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan that they will donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares, whose current value is estimated at around $45 billion, is both exciting and inspiring, a demonstration of genuine leadership and social responsibility.

In Israel, alongside highly positive reactions, an announcement of this kind – such as previous announcements by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and others – also arouses thoughts and contemplation as to where this leaves us, Israeli society. When will an Israeli entrepreneur come out with a similar declaration that will give us a feeling of pride?

A comparison is indeed appropriate between our culture of giving and that which is customary in other Western societies, a culture characterized not only by the volume of giving, but also how it is managed, its aims, and so on.

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The International Day of People with Disabilities- Shira Ruderman

Every year on December 3rd we mark the International Day of People with Disabilities – and each year I ask myself what we managed to change in this area, and how we can deal with the fact that the area of disabilities is not perceived as “attractive” enough in the social and philanthropic world. Continue Reading

NPO’s Board of Directors and Donors – Partners in Action – Workshop at Lay Leadership Conference, JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance

In November 2015, “Committed to Give” held a workshop for nonprofits chairmen as part of JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance’s conference for Lay leadership.
With the participation of Shuki Ehrlich, Shula Mozes, and Judith Yovel Recanati, the workshop examined the interface between lay leadership and philanthropy, and discussed ways to build an effective, longstanding and continuous relationship between the nonprofit’s board of directors and the donor. We spoke about giving strategies and matching expectations between the donor and the organization which he/she supports. The participants in the workshop had the opportunity to have an unmediated dialogue, ask donors about the interface between the donor and the lay leadership, and discuss the connection between the organization’s working strategy and the donor’s giving strategy. Continue Reading