“Philanthropy as Social Investment” – conference at the Institute for Law and Philanthropy

We were happy to participate at the at TAU (ILP).
According to Dafna Meitar Nechmad founder of ILP and a member of Committed to Give “We can do Philanthropy alone, however it is much more effective to do it together”. Noam Lautman, a member of Committed to Give added that partnerships help to make the whole greater than its parts and enable leveraging of social investments 20 times a single philanthropic foundation.
The conference presented trends, aspects and recent studies on social giving today while observing Israeli philanthropy. Including the necessity of establishing a database of Israeli philanthropy and regulatory aspects such as tax policy for social investment.

“A billion Chinese are not wrong “, Israel-China relations, chance or mistake?

A joint members event for JFN Israel and Committed to Give – two fascinating presentations: Adam Roiter PhD, founder and owner of Financial Immunities Ltd. and Eyal Levinter, Chief Editor, Epoch Times Israel about the Israel- Chins business relations and where does it meet each and every one of us.


How to Take Israeli Philanthropy to the Next Level?

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By Shula Mozes

The trend of Israeli philanthropy has gained significant momentum in recent years and has seen an emerging culture toward giving within Israel, far greater than what is commonly thought. Many have the perception that Israelis don’t engage in charitable giving for a variety of reasons, however, the trend has grown at a rate of 10% annually, with as much as 50% of all philanthropic activity in Israel – around $4 billion – provided by Israelis.  Continue Reading →