“It takes a lot to do a lot”

What are the challenges faced by funders who wish to generate significant social change through large donations?

Why academic, medical and cultural institutions are perceived as safe social investments and have better success in attracting large donations?

Why are large donations to areas such as social change and closing social gaps more open to public criticism and perceived as riskier?

These are some of the questions discussed during the Committed to Give meeting with William Foster, a partner at the Bridgespan Group and head of its consulting practice.

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An exercise in actual giving

An exercise in actual giving: It was exciting to see a large group of people gather on a Friday morning to discuss how to create social impact, by applying the “Keren Baktana” (“Little Foundation”) giving circles methodology. The participants were presented with three social initiatives which were submitted in advance by members of the Epoch Times Israel community, and they carefully evaluated their feasibility.

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