Begging for donations, the Prime Minister humiliates us

By Avi Naor, January 15, 2017 

Who decided that we need extravagant 70th anniversary celebrations paid for by our rich uncle?

We have recently been informed of the Israeli government’s decision that because of a lack of funds, the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Declaration of Independence, costing around NIS 70-100 million, will be funded by donations from wealthy people in Israel and abroad. Our government even outdid itself by deciding that the prime minister himself would be responsible for obtaining the donations.

This is one of the most shameful decisions an Israeli government has ever made. I was taught, and I have taught my children, that one should live modestly and within one’s means. Who decided that we need ostentatious celebrations, and that if we don’t have enough money to fund them by ourselves, the solution is to solicit contributions from our rich uncle? How humiliating, how lacking in self-respect, and how degrading for the Israeli public and for our brethren abroad. Continue Reading