Eilon Tirosh

Eilon Tirosh

Eilon Tirosh is an active angel investor and a serial entrepreneur. Eilon co-founded 4 companies among which were Exalink, acquired by Comverse (CMVT) during 2000 for over half a billion dollar. Eilon Invested in more than 20 seed stage companies, to name few: Oberon Media, Passave (acq. By PMC –Sierra for 300M$), Pontis, Axxana, Wix and more.

Founded Yuvalim (www.yuvalim.org ) a public benefit company LTD, in 2003, engaged in preventing drop out and cultivating excellence at junior high schools in out-lying communities. Yuvalim operates in 7 centers around the country with 1200 students.

Eilon is a member of the extended board (www.hakoled.org.il ) Hakol Chinuch , the Movement for the Advancement of Education in Israel, as well as a member of the Israeli branch of the JFN, and a member of Committed To Give, the initiative for promoting Israeli private philanthropy.

Eilon is a graduate of Tel Aviv university Engineering school, and lives in Bnei Zion with his wife and three kids.

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