CBS Media Release

CBS LogoThis is the official statement from the Central Bureau of Statistics regarding the state of philanthropy in Israel –


March 4th Media Release

Committed To Give‘s commentary regarding the CBS survey –

The Committed to Give initiative is a group of private Israeli donors, acting together to encourage philanthropy among wealthy Israelis and influence them into donating from their personal fortunes to social causes.

The ‘third sector’ in Israel thirsts for independent financial resources unfettered from governmental sources to develop innovative services and provide a swift and flexible response to societal needs.

Private philanthropy is of national importance to facilitate undertakings, promote initiatives and development to drive social change.

Committed to Give instigated, in conjunction with the Central Bureau of Statistics, a survey to collate reliable data on the extent and character of philanthropy in Israel. The survey, the first of its kind, measured and investigated financial trends of philanthropy in Israel.

We were delighted to identify from the results of the survey, which provided an initial assessment of the Israeli philanthropy scene, that there is an upward growing trend with a 21% increase in donations between the years 2009 to 2011.

Notwithstanding these findings, we recognize that more effort is required among Israeli high net-worth individuals, which is aligned with the goals that the Committed to Give initiative has set for itself – to encourage and significantly increase strategic private philanthropy within this population.

The Committed to Give group believes that by changing the culture of giving – it will be possible to increase the scope of significant donations and over time benefit the ‘third sector’ which fulfills a vital function in Israeli society.