Israel Philanthropy Survey and Database

Israel’s first-ever philanthropy database covering information on philanthropic sources, scope of giving, and causes. 

Committed to Give initiated and then partnered with Yad Hanadiv to collaborate with Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) to conduct a survey on private philanthropy in Israel to create a bi-annual database to measure philanthropic giving and to monitor changes and trends in the field.  The CBS sampled NGOs regarding their sources of income from overseas and from Israeli sources.

According to the Survey, the total donations in 2011 to NGOs in Israel were NIS 16 billion, of which NIS 8 billion came from abroad and NIS 8 billion from Israelis, both private donors and corporations. Philanthropy from Israelis includes the total transfer of contributions to NGOs from households, corporations and bequests in Israel.

Key findings indicate that there is significant growth in Israeli giving:

  • The total giving in cash increased by 21% between 2009 to 2011,compared to the increase of 10% in overseas giving to NGOs in Israel.
  • Philanthropy from Israelis constitutes 40% of all contributions to NGOs from Israel and from abroad
  • 65% of philanthropy from Israelis comes from household contributions of under NIS 100,000 (US$25K)
  • The share of private giving is NIS 4.7 billion, which is 71% of the cash donation, compared to 84% in the US.
  • The share of philanthropy in Israel’s GDP is 0.8%, compared to 2% in the US
  • Individual’s giving in Israel add up to 1.2% of the disposable personal income, compared to 1.9% in US;
  • The main beneficiaries of philanthropy – both in Israel and in the US – are NGOs in the fields of welfare, research & education and religion. But in Israel welfare NGOs receive 39% of the donations compared to 13% in the US. In the US 33% of the donations are channeled to religion compared to 13% in Israel.