Worth more than money – Amuta21C

At the Amuta21C conference held on the 24th of June 2014, targeting managers of the third sector of the economy and society – two panels were staged exploring the complex relationships between charities and donors.

The first panel, speaking before the general assembly, was hosted by Oren Majar, a journalist for The Marker Magazine, and dealt with open and trusting relationships established as partnerships; on good communications and the definition of roles between the chairperson and managing director of a charitable organization; professionalism and how to estimate and measure social benefits.

The second panel, hosted together by the managing directors of charitable organizations, examined these relationships in detail. Shira Ruderman, Merav Mandelbaum, Shula Mozes and Shmuel Ben Dror answered the questions posed by the managing directors, and emceed by Dana Somberg, a journalist from Channel Two TV. The questions dealt with how to engage potential benefactors to the cause and vision of the charity. The main message presented by the speakers was that donors must share the vision and worldview of the charity, to ensure its success. A benefactor must have patience, and understanding of the complex processes involved with a commitment towards finding a better reality through the goals and activities of the charity. An equally important message was that the donor also entertains their own vision, worldview and strategy and that the organization must take these into account when approaching a potential donor with requests. Among issues discussed were Zionism and the negativity of Israeli society towards benefactors and the wealthy, questioning whether this inhibits philanthropic activities.